Maggie Fox, Vibrance Montpelier, Vermont


"In what started as a relationship based on listening to my body's wisdom, Jan Sandman has become a guide beyond my dearest dreams. We are working together on a sacred project, the landscape of which is my body as the container of my soul, and energy, the sinew that binds me here. Jan has great intuitive capacity, deep humility, and vast love. She is gentle and direct in her ministrations, and her presence is nourishing and constant. Jan is among the most attentive healers across a variety of helping and medical professions from which I have sought support. She is a reverent listener with evident respect for her clients and her work. Jan's knowledge, warmth, and humor are emphasized by an innate ability to read the play of energy states which, combined with capable teaching that is broadly informed, results in exquisitely delicate guidance founded in essence." Maggie Fox, Vibrance Montpelier, Vermont