After years of teaching and school counseling, I am pretty good at keeping things straight and organized. This winter was a different story, however. I spent the winter helping my pregnant daughter with her three year old son while her husband worked out of the country. At 64, twelve hour days with a three year old are quite taxing. I found that my brain was constantly spinning with the specifics of safety for a small child, keeping track of groceries and meal planning, household chores, scheduling and just trying to keep up with my own personal issues--bill paying, organization etc. My daughter and I split ten sessions of NeurOptimal Neurofeedback training. What a difference it made! After the second session, my daughter noticed a specific change in me. I could finish a sentence without going to another topic because the thoughts in my head had slowed down enough for me to articulate them before moving on to another idea. My feeling of being overwhelmed was much easier to deal with. There was still a lot to do and it was still stressful, but much more manageable. I felt normal again. I looked forward to listening to the music and having thirty minutes to myself. The grounded feeling remains six months later. I am able to concentrate on one thing at a time. I don't feel like I'm just spinning inside my brain. I highly recommend it to anyone who may have trouble concentrating. D.M.