I experience such giant, glorious waves of gratitude at the end of a private session with Jan. The waves begin with deep thanks for Jan and they always overflow so all details of my life and existence come into clear, lovely focus and I am glad to be alive, filled with amazement and appreciation and thankful for my life, my loved ones, for the leaves on the sidewalk as I leave her office, for everything. Jan listens to me and beyond me. I trust her. Jan is luminous! Her eyes sparkle with gentle kindness and good humor, innocence and knowing. There is a Safe Harbor quality to being with Jan and experiencing this quality alone feels so comforting and healing. Using an unpredictable variety of healing methods according to what has come up, with her exquisite intuition, Jan heals and nurtures. She finds her way to welcome forward my true Self - my elemental nature that tends to hide and leave me lost and out of sync. A private session with Jan brings me into my center, into sync with my Self, into alignment with knowing that All is well, All is as it should be, and So it is. CK WARREN, VT