I wanted to take some time to talk to any potential clients that might be considering working with Jan. First of all, JAN is AMAZING! I am a firm believer that the “head” and the “body” are all connected. She knows how to activate my cells and my mind so that they communicate together, alas, helping me to open to deeper places. This is one of the reasons I have gone to Jan for 20 years. Wherever you are on your path of “life”, whether it is a time of trouble or ease, Jan is always there to feel your vibration and listen intently to all that you are going through. I have had appointments with her when I felt that there wasn’t anything that I was needing, but she, and I, were able to find some places that helped me to discover more about myself and to clear a brighter path. Her life’s work is so deep within her that you can feel it from the moment you look at her. And then when she expresses herself with such clarity, you know you are heard and in a safe place. I have referred many a friend to Jan, and each one has called me soon after their session, thanking me for the introduction. I have been blessed to have Jan in my life and to meet her on many personal levels. I can’t express the importance of having such a woman in my life. Thank you for everything Jan, Thank You! Barrie