Barrie Fisher Warren, Vermont


"Jan Sandman graces my life path daily" "I have known Jan professionally for fifteen years and she has helped me answer my own questions about my life. Sometimes I will make an appointment with Jan when I just want to get a tune up and there are no pressing matters (when there are pressing out!, it flows right out of me) I wonder what we will touch on, and by the time I leave her secure surroundings I find I have just reached another plateau in my life, I am clearer and more confident with my decisions. It is my path that I am living, Jan has the mind and heart to help me with what my internal mind, body and spirit are saying. Through the body, she helps me to bring issues to the surface and.... Voila!...I answer my own questions, by my own self discovery. She is there to listen and to initiate through the body what I myself cannot see from my perspective. I am a lucky person to have Jan in my life. I try to share her beautiful mind/instincts with those willing to take a step forward in their own self discovery. Inevitably, those people always thank me from the bottom to the top of their hearts...for bringing Jan into their lives." Barrie Fisher Warren, Vermont