I have been going to Jan’s Authentic Movement on and off for 4 years. It is a “class" like non other. It’s a “class” that, I wouldn’t consider a “class”, but a time for “Yourself”. You are able to enter such a “class” with your mind, body, heart and feelings. There are no expectations. It’s all for you to take in, feel and observe yourself and others in a safe place. Which in turn, can help you to be more aware when you are out in the world, in relationship and with family and friends. Jan’s guidance throughout Authentic Movement and her words of wisdom bring such insight to me. I am a professional photographer and I have noticed since taking Authentic Movement with Jan, that I am more aware at work. All of my senses are heightened which allows for more conscious observation. I adore Jan, and all that she brings to the world….and me! I’m so glad our paths have crossed in this lifetime. Barrie