Autumn News 2019

October has arrived and suddenly , it seems, the air has taken on the autumn chill.  My roses, however, which have given me endless joy all summer, are still blooming.  Frost has not yet hit.  The photograph above was taken on Prince Edward Island, the beach of red rock near where I stayed last summer.  It reminds me of New Mexico, and I have similar feelings about both places.  They call forward wild nature, vast silence, and an infinite peace.

This fall, my Wednesday and Thursday Authentic Movement classes are underway.  They will run through the Solstice and then will start back up again in January.  I am offering a Beginning Authentic Movement Series this fall which will begin on Wednesday evening October 30 and run for seven weeks from 6:30-8:30.  This is a wonderful opportunity to try out this form if you have ever wondered about it.  A great group formed already but there is room room for 2-3 more people. The cost is $140.00 for the seven week series.  Contact me if you are interested.

In November, I am offering a Family Constellation workshop.  This will happen on Saturday , November 16 from 1:00-5:00. You can find details in the calendar section of my website by clicking on that date.  This is really important work that cuts through entanglements in the energetic field of the family or system and allows healing and flow to begin or to restore.  It is powerful and it is real.  Often, we are carrying burdens that we cannot resolve because they do not belong to us.  This work deals with identifying and helping to resolve that. There is currently room for two people to present their constellation and have the group work with it and there are several spots open for representatives.  Contact me at to register.  Spread the word if you know others who would be interested.

I have recently been asked to go to Asheville NC and to Minnesota to offer  Constellation workshops and Authentic Movement workshops, so that may be coming up this winter.

I am always available for individual sessions.  These times are enormously open to change.  The energy is potent and very available.  I am in service to kindness and consciousness prevailing.

May our paths cross.

Family Constellation Workshop, Authentic Movement Classes

Dear Friends,

It feels so good to greet the Spring at last.  I will very soon be traveling to the Southwest, Four Corners area, a journey I have looked forward to for many years.  To be immersed in that sacred landscape, I am certain will bring many gifts.  I look forward to sharing them upon my return.  The Authentic Movement classes have mostly filled and will be beginning in May.  There may be some room in the Thursday class.  You can check with me if you are interested.  If you are interested in learning or participating in this form in the future, let me know and I will inform you when the next round begins.  My book, White Stones, Bones, and Mist: Authentic Movement and Living Prayer is on sale through or Createspace.  For local people I also have some copies available here.   On May 20, I will be offering a Family Constellation workshop from 1:00-5:00.  If you have ever thought about trying this work, it is a powerful and dynamic way of reconnecting, revealing and repairing inherited family dynamics.  The description can be found in the calendar events section of my website.

I will write again after traveling and hope to see some of you at the Family Constellation workshop.

Enjoy the approaching awakening!




This is my great grandmother.  Gramma MacDonald.  Mary.  She was born on the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.  I visited there several years ago and experienced the land where she was born and lived.  She moved from the island as a young woman and had her children in North America–Martha’s Vineyard and then Canada.  When I visited the island, I met a second cousin, who remarkably is the town historian.  He told me that she sent letters home to Scotland regularly  indicating  that she always longed for Scotland although she never returned.  You can see in this photo that she is knitting, smiling, with her bonnet on.  There is an open book in her lap which very likely is the family Bible, which I now have in my possession.  Its binding is completely disintegrating.  Do I have it rebound?  Or let the disintegration continue?  The beauty of something so deeply loved and consulted dissolving—like a fading flower.

Just as we inherit genes that determine eye color, height, body type, we also inherit the energy of our families.  What we do with that, how we stand with that is up to each of us.

Families are energy systems, among other things.  Family energy systems know and remember all that occurs.  Many of the things that occur are flowing and beautiful, no matter the family circumstance.  And some things are painful. Sometimes too painful, to be fully acknowledged and integrated into consciousness. Those events or dynamics are pushed away,  hidden in the deep shadows of the family field.  But they are not forgotten.

Subsequent generations sometimes can feel, sense, act out, live these unacknowledged events, emotions, dynamics without knowing  what is happening.  Family constellation work reveals the hidden energies so that they can be held in consciousness, accepted and integrated into the complex living matrix which is a family.    Not only are hidden difficulties revealed, but also hidden resources, hidden gems of wisdom, compassion, understanding.

My experience is if something exists in a family, then somehow the family has the energy or resource to hold it in consciousness , love, compassion and understanding.  It may be necessary to access deep ancestral roots to find this compassion, or it may be that through some members of the family, access to universal energies can  pour into the family field.

There is a workshop coming up on February 11 in the afternoon .  There is room to come as a representative if you would like to experience this work. Contact me through this website or through email at  It can be life changing in a good way.  I offer these workshops on a regular basis.  To be directly informed, subscribe to my website news and you will receive a notice when a new workshop is announced. family-constellations1