Corona Virus

March 21, 2020

Today, I wake up not remembering  immediately what day it is.

 Yesterday, I unexpectedly fall asleep and awaken wondering, what time is it?Where am I? Why am I sleeping? What’s next? What to plan for, what to accomplish, write, do, etc.

Oh, I remember—all of that has stopped.  I remember now.  The daily schedule has changed so radically, the patterns have ceased.

In life, patterns are fascinating phenomenon.  They set a tone, a rhythm for life to go forward and follow a path. The chambered Nautilus a perfect example, building, building, so perfectly on what has come before, nothing lost or discarded and yet no growth stopped  due to a constraining  pattern. The pattern is the way, the path.

We feel relief when there is a rhythm to follow.  Here we go— this is the way.  It may be our own pulse, or a pulse given, picked up, even sometimes imposed.  It may be the rhythm of a wise council or unwise council.

But when we go with it, we follow, we are in it and we move.  And in the movement, we can ascertain, this is good, this is the right path or something is amiss.  I/we are in a pattern that is off center.  In our day to day living, as we affect the planet, the harmful patterns have ceased, which is proving very beneficial to the earth.  Air travel slowed, car travel slowed, factory emissions slowed.  But the helpful structures have also ceased: work, schools, healthcare, life, causing deep disruption, fear, uncertainty.

Now, with this Corona Virus, all of this has ceased: no rhythm, no pattern, no this, no that.  We are stopping our patterns, helpful and harmful to listen deeply to an overriding pattern of the Corona Virus.

In astrology there are moments when the moon is Void of Course.  They are moments of the in-between, transitions from one sign to another.  They can be thought of as times when prayer is deeply felt and effective. In the Void of Creation, all things are possible, all possibilities are present but none yet chosen, no direction yet taken.

These times can be both terrifying and exhilarating for the sense of freedom or openness that comes with the falling apart of a known structure.

For example, when an unhealthy marriage finally crumbles, the marriage partners can experience a flurry of freedom before a new normal sets in.  When school lets out for the summer and the schedule is open, a relief until the openness becomes boredom or lack of structure without direction becomes harmful.

We are in a similar place to that now, imposed by a virus who we do not know.

I would also point out that the virus does not know us either.  It is a mutual meeting.  We do not know each other’s habits and patterns.  Scientists are scrambling to track the patterns to capture, contain, conquer the virus to save lives.The front line. I applaud them every moment.

Viruses are so intelligent and behave in surprisingly innovative ways.

I am feeling/sensing the presence of an innovative kind of viral mind of Humanity rising up in a good way: the minds of China, the minds of Russia, Italy, Egypt, Qatar, the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, Africa, Brazil, the sub zero intelligence of Antarctica, all working together, letting the network of brain, mind, intelligence and spiritual understanding of what we are being tasked with to come together.  And through that, an understanding of the virus energies, so that our world can be at peace and balance with a new rhythm emerging that encompasses the networking viral energies of how to work together.

Our Earth is taking a breath.  It is breathing, flowing, benefitting, cleansing from this great pause that has been imposed upon our patterns,  The patterns that have been causing so much damage.

Let us leave a place for the structure of Life as we know it to reweave itself.

Within, deeper and deeper still, there is always an eternal  pulse, a rhythm of God that does not change, no matter the outer circumstance. It is steady, it is love, it is eternal.  May we all connect to the doorways, passageways, light, sound, color, that bring us exactly there.  At that point, we are not lost, we are never lost, never alone, but have ears listening like deep roots into the earth, like delicate golden tendrils into the skies for the Sound beyond Sound.

Here we are One and we go forward, leaving behind, of necessity what cannot be sustained and taking up the pieces of what is now here for us to reweave, recreate a new fabric.

If you are a person who meditates, may your practice deepen at this time, entering into the holy space of the Divine consciousness from your cushion.

If you are a person of Nature, may the sounds,the light, the moisture, the scents, the colors of  Nature move through your body and recalibrate your nervous system and spirit.

If you are a person who prays to any name of God or the nameless God, may the heartspace from where you pray feel the balance of giving and receiving, the breathing aliveness of prayer, asked and answered, asked and answered with constancy and ease.

If you are person, whose daily life is the prayer, the kindness, the actions, the compassion, the thoughtfulness, may you find reason every day to smile true smiles that light you up from the inside out.

If you are the artist, who turns to paper and pen, or canvas and paint, or camera, or clay or instrument to transform the unnameable into form, may you be protected and inspired to bring your vision forward.

If you are the mother or the father or the son or the daughter, the one who is caring for the cared for, may you turn to one another to see your own reflection and may you turn inward to understand that you are never alone, and may you have mercy on the all the moments of the day when you don’t know what to do, or what is next and know that you will be met in its unfolding  by the eternal pulse.

And if you are the doctor, the nurse, the healer, the laborer who facilitates what must come next, what is needed, may you receive grace in each moment.

And if you are the cared for, you are the teacher.

May all those we lose be wrapped in light

May our losses and grief be held by each other in kindness and compassion.

May our way forward be sourced from the deep, pure light of the Creator.

~Jan Sandman~