Summer, 2017

White Stones, Bones, and Mist: Authentic Movement and Living Prayer

White Stones, Bones, and Mist: Authentic Movement and Living Prayer

Dear Friends,

We are approaching the full moon of July in this very powerful Summer of 2017.  Deep and penetrating rains, ushering in a more inward energy as summer commences.  Each hour of sun is noticed and celebrated.  It seems as though the fruits of the field and tree literally pop during these sunny moments. Prayers for the sodden ground and the people and animals and plants most affected by it. Joy in the flowers and light.

On July 25th at 7:00 pm at the Joslin Memorial Library, 4391 Main Street in Waitsfield, I will be  reading from my book White Stones, Bones and Mist: Authentic Movement and Living Prayer.  It is possible that Barrie Fisher, the photographer for the book, will also be present.  Books will be available for purchase of course, or just come and listen.  This work of Authentic Movement is such a profound practice, I would just love to have people know more about it.

The Beginning Authentic Movement workshop is in process and going beautifully.  Deep and powerful openings are occurring as movers engage in this carefully contained and radically simple practice.  I hope to offer a full Beginning Series of 8-10 weeks in the fall.  For people with experience, there will also be continuing classes.  The schedule will come out soon.

My dear friend, Elizabeth Hin, founder of the White Rose Foundation, will be offering a 2 day class in the Montpelier area on August 5 and 6.  This is a rare opportunity to sit with and learn from a profound spiritual master.  For more information or to register contact Blaine Glass,

Regular Family Constellation Workshops will resume in the fall.  I am attending a Constellation Intensive this summer to work with several different masters in the field and will no doubt be incorporating this work into my workshops.

In August, I will be in the far North on Prince Edward Island, for quiet retreat, contemplation and rest.

Deep gratitude to all of you for all you do to make the world a better place.  I hope to see you soon.

In Summer’s long light,