The Year Begins

January 1, 2017

The year begins.  The sun rises wherever I am.  I look out and breathe deeply.  I look in and I breathe deeply. In my breath, I experience space; I return to this, breath after breath after breath.  In the eternal space, I feel the steady pulsing of life ongoing, unlimited grace and possibility.   I move with an ongoing conversation of all beings around me as best as i am able.  I follow the thread of that conversation as it takes me through my day.

I follow my conscience.  I do my best to manifest and put my precious and limited energy towards creating something good, beautiful, helpful, life sustaining.  All around and through me, I experience the interweaving of all things.  I am  in the flow of this New Year.  Wishing all beings everywhere a year of grace and beauty…expected and unexpected….12234874_1061766983854580_3489289864130302759_n