Late Summer News

This late Spring I had the opportunity to participate in a collaborative creative movement project inspired by Hazel Turrone’s creative vision and exquisitely filmed by Andreas John (In the Hands of Beauty). A number of local people who are deeply grounded in movement gathered and collectively joined hearts to explore what it is to move in a time of social distancing during the Covid 19 pandemic in the presence of glorious Vermont Spring woods. I was asked to bring in ceremonial sound through the Gong, the Crystal singing bowls, the drum and the chimes as the movers tuned in to what was being called forward in them. Andreas John filmed, late afternoon into the darkness. Here is the link to this short beautiful film, best listened to through headphones if possible.

On another note, I have offered a couple of Authentic Movement workshops out of doors this summer and am currently in the process of considering some outdoor Authentic Movement classes for this fall. Please let me know if that interests you. I am seeing clients on a limited schedule indoors this summer and it is going very well. I continue to do work over the Zoom platform as well for those who are more comfortable working in that way.

I have been invited to be the featured artist in the Chaffee Art gallery in Rutland this September/October and am excited to be now choosing the cold wax paintings now which will be part of that show. I am very inspired by that medium.

I am hopeful for our world, for what needs to change to change, for what needs to fall away to do so, and for what needs to rise up and prevail to find its way to the surface as we ride the waves and currents of this very challenging time. As much as I am able, I stay focused on and in the light , the beauty, with my eyes and heart open, seeing, witnessing, feeling, as we move through the difficulties we are face. I am hopeful for our world.