Trusting The Body’s Wisdom-Trusting the Body’s Wisdom

Jan Sandman

January 28, 2018 - 11:00 AM / 04:30 PM

802 229-4671

Authentic Movement is a simple yet profound discipline based in the somatic experience and wisdom of the body. The discipline of Authentic Movement, which can become a lifelong practice, allows one to deeply connect, listen and follow the inner impulse of the body. Authentic Movement strives for the physical expression of truth in each passing moment, whatever that truth may be. With eyes closed, we find, explore and follow the eternally present impulse, expressing it through movement. By allowing our impulses to lead us, our movement begins to bridge the unconscious to the conscious. Authentic Movement embraces all levels of being from the sacred to the silly, the important to the trivial, the humorous to the tragic, the joyous to the grieving. The practice is done in the presence of a witness, which facilitates the development of an inner non-judgmental presence. In practicing the form, participants often find the possibility for a deep inner freedom that comes with true self-acceptance.

In this workshop, we will have ample opportunity to learn the basics of the form and then to dive down deeply into the richness of what the body is bringing forward to be moved. There will likely be time for reflective writing  to deepen the inner absorption of the movement.  The workshop will be held at the Zen Barn in Waterbury on January 28, from 11:00-4:30  Cost is $90.00.  Limited to 10 people.  Email  to register or contact me at