Family Constellation Workshop

Jan Sandman

January 18, 2020 - 01:00 PM


Do you find yourself repeating self-defeating behaviors?  Do you have difficult relationships within and beyond your family?  Do you have unexplained illness, addictions, depression, anxiety?  Family Constellations is a  powerful system of  moving into the family energetic field in order to untangle relationship dynamics from the past that are affecting the present time.  Some of the burdens you feel may not originate with you at all . This work can untangle that in amazing ways.    Scientists have observed epigenetic memories being  handed down for 14 generations. There is a conscious field of energy connecting all members of groups, families, nations. This field holds  the memories and energetic patterns that have occurred: the remembered and the forgotten, the deeply cherished and the excluded. In families and in systems, when a person has lost their place of belonging , it disrupts the flow of love.  Miscarried or aborted children , an untimely or painful death, a suicide , an alcohol or drug dependent person are often forgotten or excluded.   When there is a disruption in the flow of love, the resources that are part of the family do not flow.  This often is expressed in later generations in an attempt to be remembered and integrated.  It can manifest through unexplained illness, depression, addiction, unhappy relationships.

In this  dynamic work, there is an opportunity to be a focus client or a representative in a constellation.  Both experiences are valuable and healing.  The facilitator works with the group to discover what has been hidden or blocked and to restore love and inclusiveness where it has been disrupted.  Through this process, a clearing, a new picture, and restored energy often emerge.  There will be time for 2  constellations.  Cost for the constellation is $150.00 and to be a representative is $35.00.  Preregistration is necessary. Call Jan Sandman 229-4671, or

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