Jan Sandman

Jan Sandman

I have been in practice since 1986. My background is a tapestry of rich teachings and practices. Originally coming from a background of Counseling Psychology with a focus on BodyBased Therapies, I have studied with many masters over the years, always following the threads of where my heart, soul and intuition call me. In my work, my focus is on the wholeness of a person. Who are you within the context of your life? What is happening in your life today and how does it fit into the larger context?  How does one stand in spiritual integrity and awareness?

The primary teachers and forms in my life span a great breadth. Elizabeth Anne Hin, whose wisdom and teachings regarding living spirituality have penetrated my every breath, my every action, my every prayer; Milton Trager, and his work Trager® Movement Education; Janet Adler and Authentic Movement; Therese Schroeder Sheker and The Chalice of Repose Project and Contemplative Musicianship; Tom Kenyon, Jonathon Goldman, Andrew Clark for their wisdom and teaching concerning Sound Healing,the late Emily Conrad and Continuum work, Mark Wolynn and Suzi Tucker who were my primary teachers in Family Constellations.

I am highly interested in the Creative process and its ability to heal , expand and express the human spirit.  As an author and an artist, I derive tremendous pleasure and hope for humanity from creative expression, my own and others. I believe art reveals a doorway into the magnificence that we, as humans, are capable of.

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